contact: extremeanimals@yahoo.com for "band"/rock/party/noise/DJ events
contact: hooliganship@gmail.com for lectures and theater/gallery/sit-down events

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EXTREME ANIMALS is currently available for 2 different types of events:


-45 Minute high energy high volume live-show with guitar, laptop, electronics, props, and video accompaniament

LIVE at MOMI 2011:

LIVE at the Pink Rabbit, Providence, RI. 2003:


LIVE at MOMA, Automatic Update, 2006:

"The Peace Tape"music video:



"Jacob Ciocci and David Wightman present 45 minutes of short performances for video and live performers as well as perform live music soundtracks to a variety of their original video works. The short performance works range from absurd inspirational lectures to musings on contemporary internet culture to introspective meditations on metal guitar shredding technique, all couched within a lo-fi, intentionally awkward 'performance art' aesthetic."

Review of performance at Queens Nails Annex on Shotgun Review

Review by Brian Drouitcour for ArtForum online



QUESTIONS OF THE AGES, one of 3 video pieces accompanied with live soundtrack:

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Description of "Music Is A Question With No Answer" videos:

"Continuing their ongoing investigation into the relationship between the banal and the trancendent, the videos works in "Music Is A Question . . . "combine original video footage with footage from VHS tapes and the internet into a bewildering maelstrom of contemporary American pathos. These videos avoid clear cut definitions between producer and consumer, original and derivative, successfully blurring the lines between the authentic and the trite or the liberating and the imprisoning. How are tweens using YouTube and how is YouTube using tweens? What happens to the activist notion of "going green" when it becomes as ubiquitous as a smiley face on a plastic bag?"




Extreme Animals is Jacob Ciocci and David Wightman. Over the past 10 years this prolific duo has released countless CD-Rs, tapes and videos and gone on self-booked DIY tours at least once a year, influencing a wide array of younger musicians, artists and video-makers with their unique combination of noise, dance music, and performance art.

The project began (as early as 2002) as an approach to 90s trance anthems interpreted through the lens of damaged noise music, with David on spastic drums and Jacob on junk electronics and distorted vocals.Their live show and sound has now evolved and consists of elaborate videos, guitar, and incorporates a range of sonic references from baroque music to booty bass to mash-ups and metal guitar shredding, while still maintaining the rawkus emotional immediacy that has been their hallmark for the past 8 years. Their videos (directed by Jacob Ciocci, Paper Rad founding member) have been imitated the world over, combining hyper remixes of popular culture with original animation into a bewildering maelstrom of contemporary American pathos.

Their audience is a rare cross-over between art and music culture, allowing them to transition fluidly between galleries like Deitch Projects or museums like MOMA (automatic update, 2006) to legendary underground music venues like Wham City and The Smell. They have shared the stage with many of the most game-changing acts of the last 10 years including: Yacht, Lightning Bolt, Black Dice, Dan Deacon, Juiceboxxx, Teengirl Fantasy, and Javelin and they have releases out on critically acclaimed independent labels such as Load Records, DeathBomb Arc, Viscious Pop and Audio Dregs.

In addition, their work crosses over into the realms of academia: David Wightman holds a PHD in music composition from UCSD and has attended various residencies including the Atlantic Center for the Arts (working with David Lang), Bang on a Can Institute,and the Domaine Forget New Music Session, La Schola Cantorum Composition Program. Jacob Ciocci holds an MFA and was a visiting lecturer at Carnegie Mellon University and was r recent Senior Fellow at Eyebeam Art and Technology Center. The duo have individually and together done lectures and studio visits at institutions such as Oberlin College, SVA, and Syrcause University.